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Pastor Steven West

Pastor Steven S. West:  Apostle of Transformation Christian Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  A devoted husband and father. He has been married to Pastor Bernadette West for 33 years. Pastor West was born and raised in Detroit Michigan and has been a pastor for 32 years in Cleveland, Ohio.   As an Apostle, he is utilized in the office of prophet as well as a teacher.  Periodically, his prophetic gifts have made room for him to advise some officials as well as those holding government offices for his local city.  These gifts have also graced him to birth leaders in his ministries as well as others ministries.

Pastor Bernadette West: Prophetess of Transformation Christian Center.  She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  Serves diligently beside her husband and Pastor.  As a Prophetess she is utilized as Pastor, Evangelist, Sunday School Teacher, Bible Band Leader, Bible Study, Youth Church Minister.  God also uses Pastor Bernadette as a Choir Director/Member, Praise and Dancer Ministry.  Pastor Bernadette flows in the gifts of Helps as well.

Pastors Steve and Bernadette West sits under the covering and teaching of Dr. Bill Winston of Living Word Christian Center and is a member of Faith Ministry Alliance in Forest Park IL. They use their continued increasing knowledge of the Word of God to preach, teach and encourage believers and non-believers alike how the Word of God has transformed their lives and has the power to transform the lives of others.  Both Pastors presently dedicates their lives to studying the Word of God, living by example, along with encouraging both men and women how to live up to their full potential in Christ. These Pastors continues to teach all the benefits of salvation and the importance of faith in the Christian walk and is dedicated to advancing in the Kingdom of God.

As proud witnesses for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ presently Pastors Apostle Steven and Prophetess Bernadette has ministered to the needy, the sick and shut-in, including those behind bars.

To book Apostle Steven or Prophetess Bernadette for your next conference, revival, or leadership summit call (216) 912-8870 or email


Picture1Rev. Rutha Jackson is a Native of Houston County, Married to Clarence Jackson for 44 years, three daughters Nikesha Jackson, Michelle S. Jackson-Johnson (Antonio Johnson Sr.), and Dr. Kimbria Jackson, two grandsons, Antonio Bernard Jr., and Christopher Mikal Johnson.

Education: Education Specialist Degree-Awarded, 2006, Masters’ of Divinity – Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia (ITC), Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, Georgia, Associate Degree – Human Resource, Community College of the Air Force Graduate of Senior Non-Commissioner Officer Leadership School – Gunther Air Force Base, Alabama Senior Master Sergeant 33 years- Air Force Reserve Retired; Numerous Awards for service Teacher 23 years – Present (Gifted Certified Social Studies & Science) & Who’s Who Among American Teachers 2 years Presently seeking a Doctoral Degree in Education Leadership – Walden University

Served Numerous Pastoral Appointment – 23 years with the Central Georgia Regional Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (CME) Now is the proud Pastor and Founder of Grace Temple International Worship Center, Warner Robins Georgia September 2013 – Until Founder of Plain Talk Ministries Bible Study (Phone Bible Study or PBS), Conference Call Every Tuesday, 7:00 PM, 1-712-4321; Code – 539766#

Community: Member of Delta Sigma Theta Warner Robins Alumnae Chapter, Warner Robins, Georgia, President, Houston County Branch National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 2014 – Until, Only Female ever appointed to be the Religious Affairs Chair for Georgia State Conference National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP) Appointed in January 2010, presently, serve that position and Co-Chair Social Justice NAACP Georgia State Conference; presented numerous awards for dedicated service.

Entrepreneur: Team National – 2012 – Present, Houston County, Helping Thy Neighbor. Hobbies: Conference Speaker, Teacher, Walk, Sing, and Travel. Favorite Scriptures: Luke 4:18: The Lord has appointed me to preach the Gospel.   INVITATION Requests: or 478.714.2419

Dr. Alton Edwards correction 3

Dr. Alton Edwards was born and raised in a traditional household in Eastman, Georgia to Melvin Edwards, Sr (deceased) and Alma Hall Edwards.  He has eight brothers and three sisters.  Dr. Alton Edwards is the father of a daughter and three sons (Silvia, Alton Jr., Howard, and Zurich).  He graduated from Dodge County High School in 1983 where he was a member of FFA club, while playing both Football and Tennis.

With strong family values and ties that were instilled in him from his own family Dr. Alton Edwards teaches others about the importance of support when reaching for the universe with their own personal goals in view.

He began a closer walk with Christ because of loss of business and a breakdown of family structure.  In his quest for a stronger relationship with Christ he would go on and achieve several Doctorates Degrees (Divinity, Christian Education, and Theology) from E. L. White Theological Seminary.  Also Dr. Alton Edwards received Accreditation and Credentials of the Division of Christian Education.

Dr. Alton Edwards also graduated from Alice G. Holloway Institutes with The Sunday School Publishing Board, Dean of Standard Leadership Training School, Instructor in the Certification of Progress Program, Certificate of License the Gospel Ministry, Certificate of Ordination and a member of Ambassador’s Org program for the use in human relations in the strongest and most genuine relations one could have.  Dr. Edwards has many other degrees, accreditation, and credentials too numerous to mention here in this small space.

Out of his life experiences  “Leaving the Valley of Dry Bones Headed to Greener Pastures Ministry” was birthed.

To invite Dr. Alton Edwards to your next Crusade, Revival, Services, or Tent Revival please feel free to contact Dr. Edwards at or by phone 251.509.2162.


Pastor Harun W Wambugu: Pastor of Springs of love ministry Nairobi, Kenya. He is a husband and father of two children. He has been married to Lucy Wangari Harun for 9 years. Pastor Harun was born and raised in Nyandarua County and has been a pastor for 14 years in Nairobi. As a pastor the lord has graced him with the gifts that have helped many to grow. He is a man full of the word and walks with great revelation in the word of God which has helped him offer the right counsel and has made him raise many and restored many people to the work of the cross.

Pastor Lucy Harun: Works with her husband at Springs of love ministry. She was born and raised in Nakuru. She serves beside her husband and Pastor and has been a great instrument in the kingdom of God. She has been an intercessor and taught many the secret behind being on the knees and listening to the voice of God. Has succeeded in bringing women from all walks of life to a place where they can learn to wait on God

img_7497Pastors Harun and Lucy sits under the covering and teaching of Apostle John Kimani William of Kingdom Seekers fellowship who is also the director of Mission to the Body of Christ International ( MBCI ). They use their continued increasing knowledge of the Word of God to preach, teach and encourage believers and non-believers alike how the Word of God has transformed their lives and has the power to transform the lives of others. They have dedicated their lives to studying the Word of God, living by example, along with encouraging both men and women how to live up to their full potential in Christ. These Pastors continues to teach all the benefits of salvation and the importance of faith in the Christian walk and is dedicated to advancing in the Kingdom of God. They have taught many to desire seeking God over anything else, walking in righteousness without gratifying the desires of the flesh.

They have been in the front line in evangelistic work and making known to the world the love of Got to the sinners and have seen many surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. You can enjoy Psa Harun Wambugu every Sunday at 10:00 am and Monday 7:00 pm. Don’t forget you can always listen by On-Demand on the Prophetic Voices page.

To book Pastor Harun Wambugu or Lucy Harun for your next conference, revival, or leadership summit call +254 (0) 20 5231033, +254722287220 or email



Bishop Ismael Stephen and Pastor Akuka Everlyne Oguttu

Bishop Ismael Stephen Oguttu is the vision bearer/CEO and FOUNDER of the ministry, Mt. Moriah Ministries International Uganda with his wife, Pastor Akuka Everlyne, and their six children: NABWIRE MERCY, TRIZA SHALINE, NAFULA JOYCE, BWIRE JABEZ, OKUMU SHADRACK, and BWIRE NATHAN are faithful by his side.

August 1990, Bishop Ismael received a vision of a super natural light in his home around 11:00 PM.  Immediately came the Lord’s voice calling him three times.  Powerless to answer, he heard next “I am the Lord your God…go and preach the message of repentance and about the kingdom of God”.  Bishop also states he witnessed his roof of his house disappear and experienced an out of body encounter. Heaven opened. Bishop states that he beheld the Throne in glittering and shining array.  Words written on the throne were “Throne of Jesus Christ in the kingdom of his Father”.  At that moment, he heard the voice command that Bishop “go and preach all that he had seen”.

Bishop Oguttu states he has experienced many visions since.  God has appeared in fire over the burning bush two times, speaking to him directly four times, and he has seen the Angel of God physically once. Other miracles Bishop has witnessed: four (4) people snatch from the jaws of death after being pronounced dead from three (3) hours to three (3) days.

Pastor Akuka Everlyne  Oguttu, wife of the Bishop, was a professional nurse as well as a teacher but resigned and surrendered to the Great Commission as Pastor. In her call, she also serves as a singer. One of her favorite songs is HALLEUA HOSSANA IN THE HIGHEST.


Pastor Angel L. and Pastor Awilda Roman

            Pastor Angel L. Roman was born 23 Dec 1965 in Brooklyn, NY. A devoted Husband, Father, and Grandfather, Pastor Angel Roman is married to Pastor Awilda Cartagena de Roman and they have lived happily married for 15 years. Both are proud parents of 5 daughters and one son. Pastor Angel Roman honorably served 21 years in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman and Special Operations. Not born or raised in a predominant church family, Pastor Roman received Jesus as his Lord and Savior and subsequently baptized by the Holy Spirit in Fort Bragg, NC while he was in Special Forces training in April 1986. From that point on, his entire life changed from being a soldier in the world to becoming a soldier for Jesus Christ. Pastor Angel L. Roman’s received his calling to Christian service and began his ministry with missionary work in the Republic of Korea, Liberia, Africa, Canada, Puerto Rico and Iraq. Pastor Angel would go on to develop as servant of the Lord and ministry as a lay Minister, Licensed Minister, Ordained Minister, Sunday School Teacher, District Sunday School Superintendent. Evangelist, Jurisdictional Vice President of Board of Evangelism in New York/Canada, Associate Pastor, and Pastor. Pastor Angel Roman’s service to the Lord of 30+ years has seen thousands of people of different nations, tongues, all over the world come to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. In addition, Pastor Angel’s ministry has seen The Lord Jesus Christ fill thousands of people with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, also seen Divine Healing of all kinds of afflictions by the Lord Jesus Christ to include 1 instance of the Lord raising a man back to life who was pronounced at the state of death by doctors. The man was raised back to life by the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Angel’s ministry has seen The Lord Jesus Christ release many people from demonic oppression and possession. These miracles and many others enough to lose count were done by the Lord Jesus Christ through Pastor Angel’s Ministry.

Pastor Angel L. Roman holds a Degree in Theology and World Missions in the English Language and a Degree in Pastoral Ministry & Evangelism in the Spanish Language. During his military career, Pastor Roman went to the US Army’s First Sergeant Course, the Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers Course, the Basic Non-Commissioned Officers Course, Primary Leadership Development Course and Drill Sergeant School. Pastor Angel during his military service received numerous awards, badges, tabs, and decorations. Pastor Angel’s military service and experience is well respected and lauded by those who have served with him.

Pastor Angel Roman and Pastor Awilda Roman both pastor the Church of Restoration Alpha and Omega on 111 Market in Warner Robins, GA on the corner of Watson Blvd and North Davis Rd. Their worship Service is Sundays at 2 pm and Bible Study on Mondays at 7 pm. They have also Pastored: Family Worship Center Spanish Service in NY, and Iglesia de Dios Herederos del Reino in GA. They have been Pastoring together over 10-yrs with 7 of those years being in Georgia. Pastors Angel & Awilda have ministered to hundreds if not thousands of people in the Warner Robins /Macon GA area and continue to minister and develop those who would be saved and serve the Lord in and out of the church building.  Pastor Roman’s favorite scripture is Ephesians 1:15-23 & 3:14-20

Pastor Angel Roman is married to Pastor Awilda Roman and both pastor the Church of Restoration Alpha and Omega on 111 Market in Warner Robins, GA on the corner of Watson Blvd and North Davis Rd. Their worship Service is Sundays at 2 pm and Bible Study on Mondays at 7 pm.

Please feel free to contact Pastors by phone 315-921-9285 or by email to for your next engagements for Bible Studies, Conferences, Convocations, Teachings, and Tent Revivals

 From The Desk of…
Bishop (n) Casondra Re’nee Robinson, Prophetess, Th.D., Ph.D.
Destiny Road Warrior, Inc.
1720 Simms Street, Conway, AR 72204

FB: Sacred Gethsemane Chapel Worship Center
Bishop-n Dr. C. Robinson
Casondra Robinson
YouTube: Sacred Gethsemane Chapel Worship Center
Prophetess Casondra R Robinson

          Like you, CEO, Christian counselor, author & radio personality Bishop Casondra Robinson has seen the word success defined numerous ways over the years. Some say it’s defined by one’s bank statement. Others say it’s defined by one’s possessions. Some define it by one’s level of education. Are they right or is it actually something we all have the ability to achieve right now, at this moment in our lives?

Having spent over 25 years in family ministry, public speaking, administration and most importantly, advising those in life changing situations, Bishop Robinson takes a different view. Because she appreciates those with an ear to hear, she shares with them that the steps to success are built by making the right choice, at the right moment. She believes that every step taken on the road of destiny, is a success within itself and therefore, available to us all.

She is known as the Destiny Road Warrior for her ability to help others discover and reach their destiny through multiplying life’s positive attributes and starving all defeatist influences. She literally teaches others how to slay the fatalistic impactive occurrences that lay before them and hold them back from experiencing personal success.

Her coaching/counseling skills are imaginative, often humorous and most importantly, thought provoking. Her way of expressing herself is a mixture of true life experiences, parables and outrageously funny antidotes that connect with her audience on an individual, intimately personal level.

Bishop Robinson has served in several local and state church positions over the years, including Pastor, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor and Instructor. She is a speaker known to motivate many a crowd, bringing them to their feet. Author of I’m Just A Man, due out in December of 2018, she has already been reviewed for the best seller’s list.

Her successes include the Phi Beta Lambda National Convention, National Southern Baptist Convention and 2 presentations at the Ronald McNair Scholars National Convention to name a few. She will be the keynote speaker for the upcoming Greater International Horizons Academy and Seminary Pre-Commencement celebration.

Holding a Doctorate Degree in Theology (Th.D.) and a Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling and Family Ministry (Ph.D.), Bishop Robinson is currently CEO of Destiny Road Warrior, Inc. and Managing Director of Sacred Trust CDC. She is excited to begin her latest undertaking, Dean at the new southern campus of Greater International Horizons Academy and Seminary in 2018.

When asked her favorite scripture, she gave an amalgamation of the first four words of Genesis 1:1 and the last word of Revelation 22:21; “In the beginning God” and that FINAL “Amen”. Asked why, she replied “Because at the beginning of every event of my life, good and bad, God was with me. So at the end of each event, I must always remember to glorify Him, praising His plan for my life, which will end – and begin anew – with that final “Amen”.

Please feel free to contact

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