Great Testimonies!!!

Praise the name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Hallelujah! I’m Pastor Ismael Steven Ogutto. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mt. Moriah Ministries International in the Nation Uganda. A fourth miracle was recent where a soul, my wife was absent. She was completely dead.  I started calling Apostle Stephanie Greathouse and I stated that my wife is in critical condition and we started praying together. Rebuking the spirit of death for three hours. My wife come back to life!  Today she is well and she is still glorifying the Lord. Praise the name of Jesus!  Jesus is the Life, the Lord God is the living God, and is God of the living.  God is still healing his people when we believe his word. Praise the name of Jesus! Continue to hold on to the word of God for it is life. Praise the name of Jesus! Glory be to him!  In Jesus name, Amen…Pastor Ismael, Uganda

Praise God everyone…I have found this Network to represent our Christ in the Highest form. This Network specializes and assists in getting the Gospel message out to the world…Pastor SD, Atlanta, GA

Financial blessing is promises from God when we our faithful with our tithes and planting seed.  One of my properties electric company didn’t bill me for more than 3 years.  I received a bill for $100.00 for 3 years of electricity…Michael, Shaker Heights, Oh

The bills keep coming but God keep making the payments.  I placed all bills under my prayer rug (that I received for my $500.00 Partnership donation).  I got ready to make my payment…they were already paid off…Vanessa, Detroit, MI

I have been paying my tithes and free will offering into Apostle Stephanie S Greathouse ministry Fruitfulness For The Love Of God Radio Ministry for more than a year and I am so blessed by this ministry.  I owed more than $40,000.00 on a house and it should have taken another 15 years to complete the debt.  I started paying my tithes and free will offering into this ministry…God paid this house off!  After 6 months, I received a paper in the mail that said “Debt Paid In Full”!  I praise God for planting tithe in fertile ground.  It is only one of the miracles that God has granted me…Josephine, Cleveland, OH

I’ve been paying my tithe into Fruitfulness for the Love of God Radio Ministry a little more than a year and one of the blessing that I received from God was nothing short of a miracle! I had a student loan of over $87,000 and now I do not have to pay any of it!  I am relieved of my student loan debt!  Praise God…Nikeeta, Warner Robins, GA

I thank God for your truth that is spoken each time I hear it.  Words of life and to live by…Sharon, Cleveland, OH

Thank God for truth going forth…Marcus, Selma, Ala

When I hear these messages I feel like I can face the world.  I feel like there is a God. I have hope again…Nicala, Southfield, MI

I wake up every day and start with the Praise and Worship at 6:00 am…my day goes much smoother Juliet, Cleveland, OH

I love the variety of music and teachings that is being offered…Jackie, Macon, GA

It is refreshing to hear all the different teachings and music…Calvin, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

All I can say is WOW…Morning, Noon, & Midnight Worship and Teachings…Again…WOW……..Greg, Atlanta, GA

Prophetic Release on a Global Level…Ann, Tinton Falls, NJ









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